The return of the mutated scorpions and the refinement of the armor system in the fantasy adventure Icarus


The scariest boss in the whole game Icarus appears along with a new update – a huge Scorpion. There have also been significant changes to the armor system, so the durability of your gear will degrade as it gets damaged and worn out. To top it all off, there’s another bonus mission on behalf of Shinotai that unlocks two unique Scorpion items, so hop on the vehicle and get to work as scouts.

Scorpio Boss Mission

Unfortunately, your previous work to eliminate the escaped experimenters was not as effective as originally intended. The scorpion infestation has spread even further, and a new, very aggressive mutation has emerged that terrorizes the scouts sent to the region. Shinotai wants you back to finish the job and eliminate this new threat:

Loose Ends: Extermination // Operator: Shinotai // Biome: Desert // Premise: Shinotai’s previous experiment was not completely erased. Traces of biological research still remain on the surface. // Mission: Find the remaining creatures and destroy them. // Conditions: Fixed fee. All matters of safety and survival are the responsibility of the Contractor.

Armor Durability

The updated armor durability system provides a more realistic wear of your pieces of equipment as you wear them. Damage received from attacking enemies, environmental exposure, and prolonged use will now damage your equipped armor pieces. Once they break, you need to repair them and replace parts in order to keep the benefits and buffs they provide.

Armor repair is now available at the workbench or can be placed where you crafted the armor. The cost is part of the original cost of creation. Keeping track of the health of your armor will become important, as stats and bonuses will become invalid when the armor becomes unusable.

Additional mission

Shinotai is looking for scouts to complete another quick mission for them. Extracting more resources from the surface for the company’s “standard” planetary exploration will be similar to the previous expeditions you have undertaken. In exchange for your silence regarding the experiments, you will be rewarded with new recipes from the laboratories. Please be aware that risks are often unexpected and Shinotai cannot guarantee a safe passage home. The mission briefing looks like this:

carapace: Research // Operator: Shinotai // Biome: Desert // Prerequisites: The Operator is expanding its planetary research using all available technology. // Mission: Contractors must complete and activate the Sample Analyzer to research new recipes obtained from local resources. // Conditions: Contractors will be provided with a functioning eco-suit. Otherwise, they will be left without help.

Scorpio Item Reward

After you complete Carapace: Research, you will be able to craft two new Scorpion unique items: the Scorpion Trap and the Scorpion Hedgehog.

The scorpion trap is a unique defense and hunting system that traps aggressive opponents like bears and immobilizes them for a while. This can be very useful for protecting you when you’re actively working on other tasks, as well as for catching prey before it’s out of sight.

The Scorpion Hedgehog is a long-awaited update to the Wooden Hedgehog, providing more damage and easier poisoning. The Hedgehog is a valuable deterrent that can notify you in a fraction of a second of an approaching threat.

Detailed list changes. Here are the most useful ones for your reference:

  • Fixed an issue with some textures of the Deep Ore in some caves;
  • Updated the textures of the pill variant medical items for a more polished look.
  • Auto crafting devices (e.g. campfires, stoves) now prioritize recipes based on the position of the items in the device inventory. This means that you can now position the elements you want to process first in order;
  • Updated the material shader for the tonic bottles and updated the textures of the liquid inside the bottles;
  • Fixed a bug due to which storm effects appeared with a delay on clients;
  • The first stage of mountains and rocks optimization and visual improvements;
  • Fixed a bug that caused visual distortion of decals in the Ecosuit, which occurred in the first person;
  • Fixed some minor dialogue errors in subtitles;
  • Reduced the resolution of some large gradient textures in the UI to save memory.
  • Updated the Stockpile Dropship mission to use a new mesh that fixes some minor collision issues and also allows it to highlight when viewed

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