The riddle of the refrigerator door that tormented players in Guardians of the Galaxy is revealed: the dubbing actor named the culprit


John McLaren, the voice actor for Star-Lord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, has confirmed that it is Peter Quill who leaves the refrigerator door on Milano’s ship open.

When Guardians of the Galaxy came out the gamers loved the story and characters the most, and one of the best jokes in the game can be found on board the Milano. At the beginning of each chapter, the refrigerator door can be seen to be left open, prompting the player to close it again and again and wonder who on the ship keeps forgetting to close it.

This is never confirmed in the game, but some clues found in one of the missions hint that it was Quill who left it open the whole time, as his childhood home had a refrigerator in the basement that was left open, just like Milano. Star-Lord’s voice actor John McLaren confirmed in an interview that it was indeed Peter Quill who left the refrigerator door open on the ship, pointing to a scene in “The Promise” to confirm.

It was me. If you go to the basement during The Promise, you will notice that the fridge door is open. It looks like some kind of post-traumatic refrigerator door opening syndrome.

He also elaborated a bit on the work that went into the fridge prank, pointing out a joke that was actually left out of the full game: “

I remember one time I joked on set when we were doing a mockup just to literally push the closed door. I remember pushing it, closing it, walking away from it, and then we hadn’t filmed yet, and I ran back in, looked around, and opened the refrigerator again. It didn’t make it into the game, I don’t think so.

Senior Narrative Designer Mary DeMarle also commented on the refrigerator door, revealing that it was included in the game to show that Milano was dilapidated and then turned into a joke that the entire team wanted to influence in some way.

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