The She-Hulk visual effects team was ordered to make her “smaller”

In case you haven’t heard, the trailer for She-Hulk on Disney Plus dropped earlier this week. The series follows lawyer Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) as she learns to live with her massive alter ego. While fans have been eagerly waiting for She-Hulk to enter the MCU, the trailer left many disappointed and a little angry. People began to claim that She-Hulk’s physique and overall size were too small to accurately represent the character. Well, it turns out that She-Hulk’s smaller size may have been intentional.

After the trailer was released, visual effects artist Sean Rookcroft took to Twitter to offer a little explanation as to why the main character looks less “huge” than she should:

I worked for a company that did visual effects for her. It appears to have been larger in the beginning, but the notes kept saying “make it smaller”. We rolled our eyes all the time (like we did with Sonic), but at the end of the day, artists have to follow orders.

Although Rookroft was not part of the team working on She-Hulk, he has experience with Marvel as he brought his talents to the visuals of Infinity War and Moon Knight.

While the tweet has since been deleted, it does show that She-Hulk’s smaller size was a deliberate move by Marvel. A strange choice, especially considering the outrage that fans have expressed about the thinner Jennifer Walters. Not to mention, the trailer features She-Hulk alongside her bumbling cousin Bruce Banner. Compared to him, Walters looks almost like an ordinary human woman, only green. Of course, some are happy with the smaller size, arguing that it’s more comical.

Visuals controversy aside, She-Hulk relies heavily on humor rather than the darker tones of previous shows like Moon Knight. While much of the plot is unknown, the trailer suggests that the main theme will revolve around Walters’ adjustment to life as both a green-skinned superhero and a regular lawyer. All will be revealed when it premieres on Disney Plus on August 17.

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