The Sims 4 fans in Russia won’t be able to purchase the My Wedding Stories Pack due to being LGBT


The latest playset for The Sims 4, My Wedding Stories, was recently revealed with a trailer showing the romance of two girls, Dominica and Camille. And now the inhabitants of Russia will not be able to purchase the add-on due to the fact that it was closed for sale by the Sims team. EA released a statement explaining this decision due to the country’s laws.

Dominika and Camille are presented as “a couple whose love knows no bounds” and they take center stage in the pack. They are not only in the trailer, but also on the cover of the game set, in the screenshots used for advertising, and even have their own wedding website.

The developers state that this pack is about “the joy of finding love, celebrating that love, and telling stories that matter on a personal level.” In Russia, it would be impossible to tell this story because of the restrictions. In order to release the pack, Dominica and Camille’s story would have to be removed, and The Sims team is not ready to go for it. The statement highlights the core beliefs of the developers:

The ability to tell stories, stories of any kind, is at the core of what we do at The Sims. Hiding Cam and Dom’s history meant compromising the values ​​we live by. We are committed to the freedom to be who you are, to love who you love, and to tell the stories you want to tell.

Thus, “My Wedding Stories” will not appear on the territory of Russia and players will not be able to purchase this set. At least officially.

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