The third season of “The Mandalorian” will be released at the end of the year


The Mandalorian star recently hinted at the release of the third season this summer. According to a number of reputable journalists and insiders, this is physically impossible. The release of new episodes of the show should be expected closer to the end of 2022 and not earlier.

According to the media, the filming of the third season ended recently. The series has yet to go through post-production and final editing. There are rumors among insiders that the studio originally wanted to release the sequel only at the end of the year. The authors of the leaks claim that they are familiar with the plans of Disney and they do not include the release of the project in the summer.

According to the latest available information, in the new season, viewers will be able to see the planet Mandalore and a large-scale battle of the main characters.

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