The third selection of games under the general name “Special Vibe” is already available on VK Play

The selection with the participation of bloggers Quantum Games and Cake includes games from local studios: The Mooseman, DarKnot and Bus World.

The VK Play service presented the third selection of games “Special Vibe” as part of the large-scale “Join the Game” activity with the participation of famous bloggers. In addition to the opportunity to get acquainted with projects from local developers, new thematic tasks have also become available to users.

Quantum Games and Cake bloggers became the ambassadors of the “Special Vibe” collection, and the list of games included:

Earlier, on the VK Play site, thematic collections of games “Launch the multiverse!” with the participation of Orc-podcaster and Alina Rin, as well as “Drag for All” with the support of Recrent and Russian Butcher.

As part of the “Join the Game” activity, each user can receive a welcome prize for registering on VK Play – a 15% discount on any tariff in VK Play Cloud. For completing tasks from the collections, players can receive various rewards, as well as win one of 50 VK Capsules Mini with Marusya. More details – link

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