The Witcher 4 has completed its “research phase”

CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiczynski announced the news earlier today, May 26, in an investor relations presentation. “We long to return to the universe that has shaped our history to such an extent.“, – said the head of CD Projekt, referring to The Witcher 4.

“We recently completed the research phase for the first game in the new Witcher saga, which means that from now on, further development costs will be capitalized on our balance sheet,” Kiczynski continued, laying out the plan for the next Witcher game.

It appears that the developers at CD Projekt Red are finalizing where and when the game will take place, including any possible characters that could appear in the franchise’s next game.

Additionally, Kiczynski revealed that the development team working on The Witcher 4 is already seeing performance improvements thanks to Unreal Engine 5. Earlier this year, the studio announced that it would be using the new engine for the game, and it looks like it is already giving positive results for the internal development team.

The Witcher 4 is still far away, there is no doubt about it. Just earlier this year, CD Projekt first announced the existence of a brand new game in the Witcher saga. The development studio didn’t provide any further details about the project at the time, so there was ultimately very little information, but that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise given how early the project is in its life cycle.

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