The Witcher will be made into a comedy series. He will talk about stupid Geralt

A group of comedians from New Zealand presented the comedy series The Witcher’s Logic. It is dedicated to Geralt’s strange detective methods from The Witcher series.

The authors of the comedy, publishing their work on the Viva La Dirt League channel, took as a basis the game universe created by the CD Projekt RED studio. The actor wears Geralt’s armor. The comments note that the level of production of the series, even from the trailer, seems so high that it is not inferior to the work of Netflix. And indeed, the comedic Geralt’s armor looks great!

The plot will make fun of the strange detective logic of the witcher, who speaks the obvious facts out loud, trying to conduct an investigation on the ground. Geralt will switch roles with Buttercup, who will be presented in the show as a genius of deductive thought.

The series will premiere on April 15th.

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