There is another way to open locked doors in Dying Light 2: knock them down


Dying Light 2 has a skill that allows you to use a kick while running, sending opponents flying due to strange ragdoll physics (which, by the way, can be fixed thanks to a recent mod).

But the player Longjumping-Owl-2684 on Reddit found another use for the skill. You can use the kick to open locked doors without having to fiddle with a lockpick and a Skyrim-style mini-game. Just take a few steps back and then run straight into that locked door.

I haven’t seen anyone else mention this so I’m probably the one who discovered it, but you can easily open any type of locked door using the bash skill. Just run up to the door and use the kick and you will immediately go inside.

The ability to knock down a locked door is quite logical, but a rare feature in games. How often have we been powerful characters, armed with explosives, heavy weapons, or powerful magic, but unable to open a locked door if there was no key or lockpick? The ability to not only break open, but also knock down doors is a useful and reasonable thing that is missing in other games. This is a great piece of design from Techland and a brilliant find from Longjumping-Owl-2684.

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