Third-person mode added to Dying Light 2 – game designer was delighted with the fan’s work


The community of creators of modifications is already conquering the novelty from the Polish studio Techland. They managed to get rid of annoying visual effects, completely rework the original gameplay, and now Dying Light 2 has added a third-person mode. The new look even appealed to Timon Smektala, lead development manager.

Game designer from Techland studio named this is one of the best mods currently available for the PC version of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Unfortunately, getting a third-person view is not an easy task. The fact is that the camera needs to be configured manually using a separate developer menu. In addition, when playing in a third-person view, many players may be put off by the strange animations of the protagonist, which were clearly created exclusively for the first person.

Together with this enthusiasts managed to replace the model of the protagonist. Dying Light 2: Stay Human is now playable as Hakon, Loan, Spike, or even the Infected. The game is available on PC, both generations of consoles and in our trophy catalog. A review of Dying Light 2 can be found on a separate page.

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