This is why Luke Skywalker’s voice sounds weird in The Book of Boba Fett


When The Mandalorian brought back Luke Skywalker, few fans foresaw what Disney had in store for the future. However, The Book of Boba Fett may have blown everyone’s expectations with a special cameo by Mark Hamill that didn’t feature the actor at all.

Despite his prominent role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and his exposure to the Force, Hamill can’t just reclaim his youth to play a Jedi Master, meaning Lucasfilm and its special effects division had to use some deepfake magic. Despite Luke’s much-improved portrayal in The Book compared to The Mandalorian, Hamill’s voice is something fans are now paying attention to.

According to Slash Film, whenever Luke Skywalker speaks in The Mandalorian and The Boba Fett Book, the audience is not hearing Hamill’s real voice. Instead, Skywalker’s voice is handled by a high-tech voice synthesizer called the Respeecher. This was first revealed in Disney Plus’ own featurette Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, where experts explain that “it’s a neural network that you put information into and it learns” from old footage with Hamill’s voice around the time the original trilogy came out. “Star Wars”.

The decision is disconcerting given that Hamill is an incredibly talented voice actor in his own right and is always willing to collaborate with the franchise. Whether it’s scheduling conflicts, budget issues, or just the studio’s interest in testing this new software, Disney still hasn’t explained why the choice was made.

However, while the quality of the digitally young Hamill has greatly improved, his dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. Indeed, Hamill’s voice sounds quite appropriate, but the problem is that the speech software seems to take away a lot of what the original Luke, or any other actor, could have brought to the game with their performance, such as tone or intonation, which really brings to life dialog.

The slight nuances in Hamill’s reworked voice might have been easier to forgive in The Mandalorian’s brief cameo, but the ongoing banter between Luke and Grog makes the former’s “synthetic” voice much more noticeable. If Disney really wants a Luke Skywalker spin-off, it might be time to find someone else to play the legendary Jedi.

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