Tobey Maguire reveals why he returned to play Spider-Man in ‘No Way Home’


After almost two years of rumors, Spider-Man: No Way Home is exactly the movie everyone was thinking about. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was joined on screen by his two predecessors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

More than a month after the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, a dream come true for many Spider-Man fans as Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield get together to talk about the movie. V intervieworganized by Deadline, the actors shared their impressions of working together and how they felt on the set of the film.

This is the first time Maguire has spoken out about No Way Home. The actor talked about what convinced him to return to the role of Spider-Man and mentioned meeting with producers Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige.

In this conversation, it became clear how much Amy and Kevin appreciate and love these films. If the intentions of the people who are responsible for the creative process are so sincere and genuine that you want to join them. I am a big fan of Tom and Andrew and their films. It was intriguing, yet mysterious at the same time. I was wondering what we would actually do. And yet the most important thing for me was that we came together and returned to what is part of our history. There are also personal motives, which are a kind of permission or a way to reconsider and… I don’t quite understand how to put it. It’s just an opportunity to go back to what it was, but I don’t want to say that this is the end of the chapter… But to go back, make certain decisions and just be part of this loving creative spirit.

Maguire also spoke about his feelings after he put on the Spider-Man costume again. According to the actor, wearing it was both an inconvenience and an occasion for jokes, but it also had its own strength – it made him return to the image of Peter Parker. In conclusion, Maguire added that his communication with Holland and Garfield was much more interesting than he could put into words.

Just the fact that I was there with you, whether we were dancing, fooling around or improvising… We felt it was good for us and this character. It gives a certain sense of confidence. Every day I felt immense gratitude, which is not always the case. (…) Everything went as it should have. There was a feeling that this was our destiny, and the costume was definitely a pass to this.

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