Tom Henderson says Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will have a Rainbow Six Siege-style interrogation feature

Leaks of information about Warzone 2 are coming faster and more often, and the latest one gives shooter fans the opportunity to learn about the amazing new mechanics and features that are being developed for the long-awaited sequel.

A new report from high-profile insider Tom Henderson confirms the information shared by YouTuber NerosCinema earlier this week, while also adding some more details about the five features slated to arrive in Warzone 2.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the interrogation mechanic, which will allow you to interact with a downed enemy for a period of time to reveal the location of his teammates on the map. Assuming the interrogation isn’t a separate action from the regular finishing moves we see in Warzone now, there’s a real benefit to doing the finishing moves – beyond just humiliating the opponent, of course. Henderson likens this to a similar feature in Rainbow Six Siege, where Caveira’s operator can locate enemies by interrogating a prone opponent for a short period of time.

Having the added benefit of finishing moves will also put Warzone 2 on par with rival game Apex Legends, which gives you a full Evo Shield regeneration for finishing moves.

Henderson also says that armor in Warzone 2 will take on a new form, borrowing from the armor system in the current Warzone and previous Black Ops 4’s Blackout. Instead of having a maximum of three armor plate slots, in Warzone 2 you will find body armor of varying rarity. The rarer the body armor, the more plate slots you have. As they take damage, of course, they break and require replacement (as they do now in Warzone), but the body armor you find will remain with you.

Other new additions include an Escape From Tarkov-style inventory system where different items will take up different amounts of backpack space, rather than hard limits on every single type of item that can be carried in Warzone, such as ammo, grenades, or plates.

Henderson also mentions Strongholds again, which will apparently be AI guarded locations located throughout the Warzone 2 map, and confirms NerosCinema’s claims that Pro Perks will be in the game. These upgraded perks will obviously be one of the rewards you get for conquering Stronghold, but Henderson doesn’t know if you can use them in your own gear drop.

This all comes after leaks revealed that the Warzone 2 map will be teeming with points of interest based on classic maps from the Modern Warfare series of games.

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