Tomorrow there will be some kind of announcement on Resident Evil

Official twitter account Resident Evil Portala site dedicated to the saga capcomconfirmed that tomorrow, February 15, there will be an announcement dedicated to resident evil. The announcement should happen at 10:00 Moscow time.

As you can see below, the Twitter account says:

“Oh, there is something fishy going on in the Resident Evil portal… It seems that this is the reason why all the staff around me have been busy lately. There’s something going on tomorrow at 4:00 PM (JST), so we hope you all enjoy it!”

It is not yet possible to say what it is. We also remember that Capcom has launched a countdown on their website that will expire next week.

In the last period, thanks to rumors, there was talk about Resident Evil 4 Remake: perhaps Capcom is ready to make an announcement. It can be a completely separate new project, or it can be something completely different.

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