Top-down sci-fi shooter Lumencraft is out on PC in Early Access


Polish developer and publisher Star Drifters and developer 2Dynamic Games announced that their sci-fi top-down shooter with tower defense elements “Lumencraftbecame available for PC in Steam and GOG Early Access.

To get Lumen, a precious mineral, players will have to dive into a deep underground world inhabited by terrible creatures. Lumencraft depicts a dark future in which humanity can only survive thanks to a rare crystal with high energy power called Lumen. Players must go to deep underground mines to get the precious mineral.

Lumencraft is a combination of top-down shooter and base building game with tower defense elements. Dynamic lighting and fully destructible environments, along with intense Alien Breed-inspired gunfights, offer superior tactical survival gameplay with a unique, futuristic industrial underworld atmosphere. The developers have also drawn inspiration from contemporary games such as Darkwood and The Riftbreaker, incorporating the best elements of both games into Lumencraft, such as the immersive atmosphere and the ability to expand your base.

Game Features:

  • Dynamic lighting and pixel-perfect interaction on a fully destructible landscape.
  • The atmosphere of horror is created by a spectacular sound design and a unique 2Dynamic lighting system.
  • Protecting an underground settlement with direct combat and turrets.
  • Highly efficient and extremely satisfying digging mechanics.
  • Various futuristic technologies that allow you to improve both your digging and killing potential.
  • Map editor and full Steam Workshop support.
  • Local co-op with Steam Remote Play support for online sessions.
  • Steam deck support.

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