Torchlight: Infinite beta pre-registration open

The developers also introduced a new character for the upcoming Action RPG.

Torchlight: Infinite builds on previous Torchlight titles, telling its own story of heroes who defy the forces of darkness in order to protect innocent people. The game will allow you to create your own builds of characters, combining their skills, talents, equipment and traits. In accordance with the rules of the genre, gamers will have to constantly race for the best loot, and the trading system will allow you to exchange items with other players.

Torchlight: Infinite’s new announced hero will be Thea, a goddess with magical powers who has a strong connection to the moon. She will be the sixth character in the game. It will be possible to try out her skills and the abilities of other fighters in October, when the open beta of the project starts, but for now, the authors propose to issue pre-registration to participate in testing and receive a gift in the game.

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