Tribes of Midgard has received a major Witch Saga update

A new story chapter calls for the Einherjays to unite again, this time in the fight against the goddess Hel.

Hel has summoned Draugr to lead her Helting army as she plans to corrupt the roots of Yggdrasil. Timing is of the essence, and in order to win, you will have to take this fight to her domain. In the Witches Saga quest, you have to find the portal of the Underground Gate and enter Niflheim at your own risk, since many dangerous surprises are in store in the coldest biome.

In addition to the new quests, The Witch Saga introduces a farming system that gives Einherjars the ability to plant seeds and grow the materials they need for crafting. Using the new “Shovel” tool, players can plant a special material called “Essences” and grow ingredients such as stone and iron.

In addition, now users of Steam, Epic Games Store and Xbox can play with each other – Tribes of Midgard now has cross-play between these platforms.

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