Tunic demo will be available next week

The Tunic Fox Adventure Game is finally back, and you can play a snippet of it on Xbox next week.

Tunic, a Zelda-style adventure with a fox starring, reappeared at Summer Game Fest with a new game trailer and an early demo announcement. The game, first unveiled at E3 2017, has been out of the public eye for a long time, so its unexpected inclusion in today’s event was welcome.

The gameplay demo is short, but shows some of the improvements the game has undergone since it was last demoed. Tunic is an isometric adventure game with elements familiar from the classic Legend of Zelda games, which means you’ll be faced with an assortment of weapons with unique abilities to help you defeat enemies and solve dungeon-based puzzles. The main character of the game is also incredibly cute.

Tunic Is One Of Over 40 Games To Be Demoed On Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S next week. There is no indication as to how long the demo will last, but this is a part of the game you can use to forget about the lack of an exact release date.

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