Ubisoft Sends Out Emails To Stop Playing Far Cry 6

Looks like Ubisoft will send you an email stating that you are running out of play time in Far Cry 6 if you stop playing it. Editor-in-chief Brendan Sinclair first pointed this out in an email he received from Ubisoft showing Far Cry 6’s protagonist, Anton Castillo, staring straight into his eyes. The message that came with the email read, “It was fun to watch you fail.”

“Hi, Rojas. I wanted to thank you for giving me freedom of action in Yar. Calm down and know that Yara is in good hands,” the message says. This is a reference to the game’s protagonist, Dani Rojas, and their struggle for the land of Yar.

The post goes on to say, “Surely you can do better than that,” and it ends with Sinclair’s bold playtime, showing that he only played Far Cry 6 for three hours.

Sinclair explained his low play time, saying that he didn’t like the game very much. So if you are thinking about giving up Yara’s liberation, think again! If not, Ubisoft will send you an email and Castillo will take over “running Yara.” In fact, he will not do this – you will still be at the same time and in the place where you left off last time.

Far Cry 6 is often a fun game that feels like throwing everything at you, and if you need a ton of content, Far Cry 6 has absolutely got you covered. In isolation, many of its elements are interesting ideas. Taken together, however, it looks like a lot of scattered things that constantly return your attention to menus and map icons.

Far Cry 6 Available on PC, Google Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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