Ubisoft will teach gamers to play the guitar

Nearly a decade after its initial release, Ubisoft have announced a sequel to their guitar tutorial with Rocksmith +, a subscription-based learning platform with features like community tutorials. The game was showcased at Ubisoft Forward 2021 at E3, and the game’s beta starts today.

You can subscribe to the Rocksmith + Private Beta for PC right now and use your existing support key (if you still have one). A key is not required, however, as players can also use a guitar (acoustic, electric, or bass) and a telephone to play. This time around, Rocksmith + has morphed into a subscription service, offering a large library of songs and guitars to choose from to get you started on your guitar playing journey.

Rocksmith + will receive new tracks weekly. And in addition to the songs, Ubisoft announced on its blog that practice tools and “other features” will be added regularly for free.

Whether you’re new to the tool or just looking to hone your skills, Rocksmith + offers options for every skill level. One new feature, Riff Repeater, lets you select parts of a song and slow it down to your desired tempo, allowing you to play along as you watch the progress.

Elsewhere, Rocksmith + is empowering the community, such as how-to guides, music theory lessons, and instrument care instructions, through the free online Rocksmith Discover resource.

Rocksmith + will be available on consoles, mobile and PC later this year. Subscriptions start at $ 15 per month, while 3 and 12 month memberships cost $ 40 and $ 100, respectively.

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