“Ugly Sonic” will appear in the film adaptation of “Chip and Dale”


Remember the original Sonic design that was featured in the trailer for the first film adaptation? This image was not criticized except by the lazy one – the artists turned out to be such an impartial hero. Under pressure from fans, the filmmakers changed the image of the blue hedgehog, which became closer to the canonical video game of the 90s. However, that freak will still get his moment of fame in the upcoming film adaptation of Chip and Dale. This is openly stated in the review of Empire magazine, which liked the film itself, and the reviewer called the moment with “Ugly Sonic” very funny.

This movie is a true multiverse of 2D madness, bringing together an army of iconic cartoon faces from literally everywhere from South Park to The Jungle Book. But the funniest moments involve someone who has never appeared on screen before. Yeah, brace yourself for Ugly Sonic, which ended up being proof that human-toothed hedgehogs aren’t always a bad idea.

Chip ‘n Dale is set to premiere on May 20.

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