Update 1.0.9 is now available for the PC version of God of War


We haven’t seen an update for the PC version of God of War for a long time, and today the developer Santa Monica Studio released the v1.0.9 update, which should improve performance on AMD cards, at least the developers hope so.

Patch Notes

New opportunities:

  • Aim and block can now be configured as a tap instead of a hold
  • Triple buffering can now be enabled to reduce micro-latencies at the cost of a slight increase in latency
  • GPU memory usage is now included in video settings for easier performance troubleshooting


  • Memory values ​​will now be detected correctly when using integrated graphics
  • No more crashes if the GPU reports invalid memory values
  • Some game systems will no longer cause intermittent crashes
  • Implemented cleanup of small objects to reduce the number of objects processed by the CPU

Developed in response to recurring performance issues with AMD, this change should improve minimum frame rates in scenes with a lot of objects on the screen. During testing, we saw an average 20 percent improvement in frame rates above the 95th percentile. Those who are not experiencing significant frame rate drops should be aware that this change will not lead to a significant improvement in graphics performance.

But, as usual, it was not without a fly in the ointment, during testing, the developers noticed a periodic drop in frame rate when they first accessed shaders. They are already working with AMD to fix this issue in a future patch.

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