Update 1.04 released on April 5 for Elex 2, fixing many bugs


Company Piranha Bytes released an update 1.04 for Elex 2, which contains a long list of fixes. Fixed graphical issues, progress bugs and more. This hotfix is ​​out on all platforms.

  • Fixed various graphical glitches.
  • Fixed unwanted dialogue breaks that could cause the story to stop.
  • Fixed incorrect Eva behavior if Jax committed a crime
  • Fixed Gregor having strange behavior after completing the What Doesn’t Kill quest
  • Fixed plot kills with some protagonists dying by mistake.
  • Fixed incorrect number of targets in the kill quest.
  • Fixed Tilas and Marvin being unable to return to work after talking.
  • Fixed some keybinding issues.
  • Fixed a situation where Irissa couldn’t talk to Jax after talking to Skibor
  • Fixed some items that could not be picked up
  • Fixed some linguistic errors
  • Prices were displayed in a pop-up window, and the total cost did not match the actual price with the merchant skill.
  • Fixed parts of the destruction bar were visible on the tutorial screen.
  • Fixed flickering of overlapped selected objects.
  • Fixed damage value for Plasma Cannon MK 2 Normal
  • Fixed Vivian misbehaving due to crimes committed by Jax in certain areas.
  • You can now craft grenade launchers.
  • Added alternative game camera
  • Fixed some screen tearing issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the mesh cache to become fragmented over time.

The full patch notes can be found at link.

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