Update 1.11 for Horizon Forbidden West is out, fixing the balance and quests


Guerrilla Games released a new update for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 exclusives Horizon Forbidden Westwhich changes the game to version 1.11.

Many gamers have been complaining about Horizon Forbidden West’s legendary gear since the release of the previous update, and as such, the latest patch aims to fix that aspect of the game. Version 1.11 also fixes the balance of weapons and offers a long series of fixes regarding the passage of main and secondary missions in order to offer players a smooth gaming experience. The update is also expected to improve dynamic resolution performance and the visual quality of some underwater areas.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue in the main quest “Shattered Sky” where players were sometimes unable to interact with or follow Cotallo after fast travel and other bonus content.
  • Fixed an issue in the Wings of Ten main quest where, in rare cases, the objective would not update after returning to base, blocking progress.
  • Fixed an issue with humanoid enemies where landing a killing blow with a stud shooter could cause enemies to freeze in place instead of dying and falling to the ground.
  • Rebalanced unintentional change to legendary weapons.
  • Activating a new quest tooltip when it is displayed in the HUD will now properly highlight that quest in the Quests tab in the journal.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to access a workbench after selling all weapons would result in an infinite black screen.
  • Action hints and quest markers can now be hidden in the custom HUD settings.
  • Improved visibility in the underwater part of the San Francisco Challenge Ruin Hobart office.
  • Changed the sort order of some vegetation assets to reduce rendering time.
  • Changes have been made to the dynamic resolution system for better scaling.
  • Several crash fixes.
  • Multiple streaming fixes in the game and cutscenes.
  • Added subtitles to the lyrics of the title song “In The Flood”.
  • Fixed an issue where difficulty related settings could be enabled in difficulty modes that did not allow them.
  • Fixed several cases where Aloy could get stuck.
  • A few animation fixes for Aloy.
  • Several fixes and sound improvements.
  • Several lighting fixes and cinematic improvements.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to body and face animations in cutscenes.
  • Lots of fixes and improvements to NPC animations and NPC props in settlements.
  • Several fixes and localization improvements.
  • Several other bug fixes.

The full patch notes can be found at link.

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