Valheim Hearth & Home Update Delayed To Q3 2021

Valheim developer Iron Gate Studio said it is working on stabilizing the survival sandbox before embarking on a Hearth & Home update, which won’t be released until Q3 2021.

Developer Iron Gate Studio has provided an update to its popular survival sandbox Valheim, saying it won’t be able to deliver four updates this year as the team is focusing on technical issues that “urgently need to be fixed.”

The team wrote an update on the Valheim store page on Steam, explaining that the upcoming Hearth & Home expansion had been delayed until the third quarter of 2021. What’s more, the original roadmap has been temporarily removed to allow Iron Gate Studio to make some unspecified changes. One thing is for sure: the new roadmap will be smaller when it comes back.

Iron Gate said they weren’t ready for how popular Valheim had become. The massive influx of players highlighted the myriad problems Iron Gate needs to address in order to make the “experience as stable as possible.” As a result, any new content plans were relegated to the background of QA debugging and testing.

Following the release of Hearth & Home, Iron Gate Studio said it would focus on the big Mistlands update right away before moving on to the smaller Valheim patches.





But for now, Iron Gate has provided a preview of what will happen when Hearth & Home hits Valheim sometime between July and September. This includes new building elements like dark wood roofs, kitchen stations for things like spice shelves, a new food system, and farmed crops like onions.

In other Valheim news, Iron Gate Studio will be holding an AMA on the game’s official subreddit on July 11th where fans can look forward to updates

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