Valve has launched a section in the Steam store where you can check the compatibility of your library with Steam Deck


Because before leaving Steam Deck only a few days left, valve provided a very useful online tool for potential buyers or just curious users. New section on the site Steam offers quick and easy information about compatibility check status Steam Deck in your game library.

To start go to this corner of the store Steam and log in with your account Steamwhich will start the verification process. There are four categories that games you own can fall into:

  • Proven, fully compatible with Steam Deck;
  • Playable, which may require extra effort to launch or play smoothly;
  • Unsupported, games that are confirmed not to currently function on Steam Deck;
  • Untested, games that Valve hasn’t yet tested on a portable Linux device.

For example, in my Steam library, 200 games are verified, 100 are playable, 22 are unsupported, and 769 games are yet to be tested.

True, I did not plan to buy, but it was nice to see in the sections “Tested” and “Functional games” there are quite a few high-profile releases, such as The Witcher 3, GTA 5, God of War, Skyrim, Control, Dark Souls 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Yakuza games, Civilization VI, Nier Automata, Fallout 4, Factorio and many more.

Steam Deck sales in the countries of the “first wave” will begin on February 25th.

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