Valve unveils schedule of sales and events on Steam for the first half of 2022


valve published a schedule of sales and events Steam for the first half of 2022. When it comes to Steam’s flagship events, the Demo Festival is first in line. Next Festwhich will run from 21 to 28 February. V June will take place second Next Festfollowed by the next big discount on Steam in the form summer salewhich will pass from June 23 to July 7.

Along with important events, Valve also organizes a so-called themed sales schedule designed to showcase certain categories of games. Here’s what the announced schedule looks like:

  • February 28 – March 7 – Remote Play Together
  • March 14-21 JRPG
  • March 28 – April 4 – SimFest: Hobby Edition
  • May 2-9 – Die-a-lot (including bagels and Metroidvania)
  • May 23-30 – Racing
  • July 18-25 – Survival Games

Valve’s new event schedule is part of a series of announcements to developers about updated discount procedures that include changes to the frequency with which games can now go on sale. Basically, starting March 28, developers will have the option to discount their games more frequently — every four weeks compared to the current six-week cap — although a number of other conditions apply.

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