Video of one of the Elden Ring players shows how unpredictable the game can be


Ever since the release of Elden Ring, a new game from the creators of Bloodborne and the Souls series, FromSoftware, players have been sharing their experiences, both great and not so great.

The main feature of many FromSoftware games is the extreme difficulty that is present in every game. Projects such as Demon Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are known for having bosses that test the player’s abilities to the fullest. Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Elden Ring, talked about how the game is trying to change that perception, but cutscenes like the following show it can still get quite complicated very quickly.

On the Reddit forum, user madnessnewb posted a video in which he faced one of the ghostly enemies on the castle wall. It would seem that the meeting was simple enough, as the player dealt with him with ease, but success caused him to break off the castle wall and fall to the ground. After that, other opponents quickly attacked him, which soon led to the appearance of the classic screen with the inscription “You are dead”.

This is that chaotic moment that shows that players need to constantly be on the lookout for any given situation throughout the game. However, the user seems to take their defeat calmly and not without a dose of humor.

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