VK Play conducted a study of the gaming audience in Russia

Gamers most often play mobile titles, and the most popular genres in Russia are puzzles, shooters and racing.

According to research on the VK Play gaming platform, in Russia, mobile projects are most actively played – 81% of the surveyed gamers. In second place is PC with a share of 66%, and in third place are consoles, which account for 21%.

All platforms have the most male gamers, with 58% on mobile, 66% on PC, and 61% on consoles. The most popular genres in Russia, regardless of platforms, are puzzles, shooters and racing.

  • Mobile gamers remain the largest audience of all gamers. Of these, 58% use paid options, most often buying in-game currency or energy. The main factors in choosing a game for a mobile gamer are the genre, the ability to play for free or without the Internet. Most often they play at home, in public transport and at work. Favorite genres of mobile gamers: puzzle (78%), board (71%), racing (60%), shooter (59%) and simulation (53%).
  • PC gamers prefer shooters (69%) and racing (65%). When choosing a game, gamers are guided by personal impressions of the gameplay, as well as recommendations from opinion leaders. The main purchases on PC are in-game items and in-game currency.
  • The most popular genres among console gamers are also racing (64%) and shooters (59%), while the top 5 genres also include sports sims, fighting games and action/adventure. Among console players, there is an increase in the share of those who make in-game purchases (58%). Players buy items (31%), currency (32%), characters (29%) and power-ups (27%) equally often.

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