VK Play presents another selection of games called “Magic of Adventure”

Players can go on an adventure with new titles from the selection and complete a fourth set of themed quests.

The fourth selection of games on VK Play was presented by popular bloggers Olyashaa and VooDooSh. Adventure Magic contains the following games:

  • action/MMO with epic Blade & Soul battles;
  • spectacular RTS Diplomacy is Not an Option;
  • mystical adventure Liber;
  • a bright visual novel with romance of the 80s “Love, Money, Rock and Roll”.

Users also have access to other thematic collections of games that were previously presented on VK Play: “Launch the multiverse!” featuring Orc Podcaster and Alina Rin, “Drag for All” with the support of Recrent and Russian Butcher, and “Special Vibe” by Quantum Games and Cake.

As part of the “Join the Game” activity, users can receive a prize for registering on the site – a 15% discount on any tariff in VK Play Cloud. In each collection, gamers are offered a series of tasks with unique rewards from VK Play. Among users who completed 8 tasks from different selections before December 25, the main prizes will be raffled off – 50 VK Capsules Mini with Marusya.

Learn more about the “Join the Game” activity link

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