Vulnerability found in New World allowing duplicate gold

There is currently no way to trade in-game gold between other players or sell items on the New World auction as a duplicate gold bug caused developer Amazon Games to completely disable all wealth transfer methods until the vulnerability is patched.

Players can earn gold (called “coin” in New World) by scrapping unwanted items, completing quests, or selling items to other players through in-game auction houses (called trading posts). This gold can then be used to buy items from other players, buy houses, or pay various taxes. Players can also put their gold in their company coffers (New World versions of guilds), which can be used by company leaders to maintain settlements or finance various military activities.

Except that none of this is currently possible due to the current coin duplication exploit. Amazon naturally does not disclose exactly how the exploit works in its official forum post on the topic, but as a result, it has disabled all means of moving gold between players, including trading directly with other players, placing items in a trading post, or depositing and withdrawing money from the company’s treasury.

There is no information yet on when the exploit could be fixed, but at the time of writing, it has been almost 24 hours since the in-game wealth transfer was turned off. Amazon says players using the exploit will be punished.

Gold duplication error is not the only thing that major exploit players have discovered in recent days. Another recent exploit, for which Amazon has already released a patch, showed players becoming invincible by combining certain weapon abilities while playing in windowed mode and dragging a border.

The launch of New World was accompanied by huge queuing times and huge concurrent players, resulting in Amazon offering free server transfers. Login times have been mostly fixed, and while the number of players in the game has decreased since launch, Amazon’s MMO is still one of the most played games on Steam.

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