Warface has a new team mode and a new map

The special PvP mode “Easy Prey”, the “Gas Station” map and a new weapon series became available with the release of the latest update.

In the new team mode “Easy Prey”, players will join forces: they will have to not only hunt for enemy badges, but also protect their allies, because the movements of the players with the highest score will be visible to the other team. By participating in the Easy Prey event, players will be able to become owners of the new Lupar sawn-off shotgun, the Raider weapon series, and other rewards.

The battles will take place on previously modified classic Demolition maps – Pyramid 2037, Destination 2037, Object D17 2037 and Bridges 2037. Also available in the event is the new Gas Station map, which differs from other maps of the mode by the mechanics of destructible objects – players will be able to destroy obstacles and open new paths.

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