“World of Ships” is heading for the New Year with gifts

Update 0.11.11 will bring New Year gifts, the Frost Race event, new ships, a battle pass, blitzes and much more.

In honor of the celebration of the New Year, the World of Ships will delight players with numerous gifts.

In the Armory, you can pick up a free container “New Year’s Gift”, another one is in the in-game Premium Shop, and the third free container can be found on the official portal in the article dedicated to celebrating the New Year at the link.

In addition, the Armory and the Premium Shop offer packs with containers in three sizes: New Year’s Gift, Big New Year’s Gift, and Giant New Year’s Gift. They can contain doubloons, coal, premium account days, elite experience, port slots, expendable economic bonuses and camouflages, signals, or one of the ships, including rare and tier ten ships.

In Update 0.11.11, players will also receive traditional New Year rewards for battle results on all ships, starting from Tier V. Rewards will include Coal, Steel, New Year Certificates, and Research Points. Players with 100 or more ships will be able to receive multiple rewards in a single battle.

The Frost Race event will also be launched in the game, in which two teams of Santa Clauses from the North and South Poles will take part. They will compete for speed, who will be able to deliver gifts faster. Players will have to take one of the sides and participate in the race. At the finish line, each team will receive a New Year’s reward: one of two themed commanders (Papá Noel for Pan-American ships or Scrooge Nicholson for British ships), as well as one of two “Silver Whirlwind” permanent camouflages for Halland and Conqueror. In addition, the first time the award is presented to one of the teams, the player also receives the Frost Race achievement.

As early as Update 0.11.11, five groups of combat missions “New Year’s Battles” await players. Completing them is impossible without Renown ’44, one of the free rewards at the Shipyard. Completing all five groups of missions will reward you with 21 “New Year’s Sky” expendable camouflage patterns and 6 “New Year’s Package” containers.

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