World of Warcraft player terrorized by naked female characters


Active World of Warcraft player NORATHEDESTROYER has encountered a very unusual problem. On the official MMORPG Reddit forum, he complainedthat in the game he is pursued by completely naked female characters.

According to the user, he plays on one of the World of Warcraft RP servers. The game does not use third-party modifications, and the original game will not allow you to undress the character to such an extent. In the comments, users suggested that naked characters appeared due to a bug. Most likely, someone came up with a way to turn their hero into a follower of the “Cult of the Damned” who does not have underwear. After this manipulation, it is enough to take off all the clothes from the NPC and he will be completely naked.

As it turned out, many gamers are not at all against such “terror” and are now looking for a way to repeat the bug with their characters.

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