World War 3 expands the geography of military conflicts

With the release of the update, tactical team battles will continue in the Gobi Desert and the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

The Operation Redline seasonal update for World War 3 will introduce the game’s first global operation. All major updates will focus on new conflict regions, countries or territories. Thus, the geography of hostilities will expand.

Operation Redline will revolve around events in China and the Korean Peninsula. As tensions rise in World War III, two new battlefields will appear in these conflict zones. On the Gobi map, battles of the “Team battle” mode will take place, the map of the demilitarized zone of Korea is intended for the “Tactical operations” mode.

As part of the update, the game will receive not only new maps. Players will be able to unlock new Operator skins to gain access to additional tactical options and to try out even more diverse weapons, vehicles and power-ups.

The Operation Redline update will release on December 8th. With the release of the update, users will also be able to purchase the Battle Pass, which offers additional exclusive rewards.

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