World War 3 kicked off a season dedicated to Asia

The tactical online shooter has received a major update with new maps, weapons and military equipment.

World War 3 is entering a new stage of development and support of online services, which will be accompanied by the constant addition of new content and further improvement of the game.

With the Operation Redline update, new maps have been added to the game (the Korean Demilitarized Zone and the Chinese Gobi Desert), as well as military equipment of the South Korean and Chinese military, which will diversify the battles with new tactical options.

All base blueprints for new gear, weapons, vehicles, and enhancements to Operation Redline can be unlocked for free during gameplay and do not require the purchase of a Battle Pass. In addition, the authors have completed work on a number of new functions and features of the game. These include improvements to the realism of weapons and collisions, improved base defense and health bar display, the ability to reload while tilting, and a change in vehicle spawning.

World War 3 can free download on PC on Steam.

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