Xbox Series X Console Sales | S reached 8 million

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, Xbox Series X | S sold 8 million devices and Game Pass subscribers exceeded 20 million.

Publishing a summary of Microsoft’s latest Xbox sales figures from its earnings report, Ahmad Provides Estimates for Series X | S, Game Pass, and other elements of the Xbox business. Microsoft’s own report does not detail hardware sales or Game Pass numbers, so Ahmad’s scores appear to be the best available so far.

Microsoft Has Never Released Exact Xbox Series X Sales Numbers | S, and the last official Game Pass subscriber figure to be revealed was 18 million back in January 2021.

For its part, Sony has been more open about hardware sales. As of July, 10 million PS5s have been sold. Sony will release its next Japan P&L statement today, so we will probably have an update on PS5 sales very soon.

Microsoft Says In Income Statement Xbox Hardware Sales Grow 166% In Past Three Months On Strong Demand For Series X | S. The company also announced that the number of Game Pass subscribers has increased, but the official figure has not yet been disclosed.

Microsoft’s gaming division totaled $ 3.6 billion in July-September revenue, the largest Xbox quarter from July to September in company history.

When asked about profit and loss, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the Xbox division had set monetization and engagement records during this period. He added that growth is expected in the future with the launch of several key games including Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, as well as the expansion of Xbox Cloud Gaming. Nadella also talked about how many developers are using Microsoft Azure services, including Bungie (Destiny) and Krafton (PUBG).

Microsoft is a giant company, and games are just one segment of it. Overall, Microsoft’s revenue for the quarter ended September 30 was $ 45.3 billion (+ 22%). In terms of revenue, Microsoft made a profit of $ 20.5 billion.

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