Xbox Series X Games Will Be Playable On Xbox One | S

Microsoft has released a new Xbox One update that introduces support for cloud gaming on the console, allowing users to stream Xbox X | S games to their legacy console. However, this feature is currently only available to testers.

An October 25 update for alpha users added support for cloud gaming on Xbox One, a console released in 2013 that is very weak compared to the X | S series. This feature was already available on Xbox Series X | S for testers through the Xbox Insider program, which is free and open to the public.

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows users to stream select Game Pass games to their consoles. While the quality isn’t always perfect and can fluctuate depending on the strength and stability of your connection, it’s a good option to try out the game without having to download it. However, Microsoft claims that downloading the game to your hard drive will provide the best experience.

With this new feature, this means Xbox One owners can do more than stream versions of their Xbox Series X games | S, but also next-gen exclusives that Xbox One owners would not otherwise have access to on that console.

The same October 25 update made streaming easier on Twitch. These updates are available to testers before Microsoft releases them to everyone in the future.

As mentioned, you can join the Xbox Insider Program and register your console with one of the testing circles to try out updates before they’re released to everyone.

As for Xbox Cloud Gaming, it remains in beta testing, but Microsoft has high hopes for it. The company has an ambitious goal of reaching 3 billion gamers around the world, and thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, everyone with a smartphone becomes a potential customer beyond PC and console.

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