XCOM 2 is available for free on Steam this weekend and has received the biggest discount of all time


V XCOM 2 will be free to play on Steam over the coming weekend. The free play period started today and will last until The 14th of February. The game will also be available for purchase with the biggest discount of all time (94% – 102 rubles, instead of 1699) until 24 February 2022.

XCOM 2 takes players 20 years into the future, where humanity has lost a war against an alien threat that has established a new world order.

The earth has changed and is now under the rule of aliens. Faced with incredible odds, it’s up to you to rebuild XCOM and ignite a global resistance to reclaim our world and save humanity. The secret paramilitary organization known as XCOM is largely forgotten and must strike back to regain control of Earth and free humanity from alien rule.

XCOM 2 is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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