Xenia Emulator Progress – Fable 2 is now fully playable on PC


PC users have always dreamed of having a much coveted Xbox360 exclusive like Fable 2 in their collection, and it looks like that moment has come. The development team of the Xenia emulator has finally managed to achieve almost full performance of the game.

It is worth noting that the game was launched on a modified build of the emulator (canary_experimental) and the game still has a number of small graphic artifacts with characters, but in general the game has become much smoother.

YouTube channel Emulators & Gameplay showed the result of the emulator using the latest fixes for Fable 2. Previously, on older builds of the emulator, the game lacked ground textures, had a low frame rate, and had other graphical flaws.

Recall that the original game ran on the console at 30 frames per second and at a resolution of 720p. Here, the authors of the emulator managed to raise the smoothness of the picture to 60 frames and increase the resolution of the picture thanks to the possibility of upscaling. It looks like the authors of the emulator will need some more time to finally polish the game.

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