XPG Introduces New ARGB PWM HURRICANE Case Fans

The new range comes in 120mm and 140mm sizes and is designed for users who require maximum cooling performance without sacrificing aesthetics.

With fan speeds of up to 2000 and 1800 rpm respectively, the 120 and 140mm models can deliver optimized airflow much more efficiently than competing products in the same category while maintaining high static pressures.

It uses a hydraulic dynamic bearing (FDB) for smoother operation, optimal cooling, less noise, lower power consumption and longer life. And the arrangement of LEDs with two rings provides a mesmerizing lighting effect with full ARGB customization.

The XPG HURRICANE fan blades are double layered for maximum cooling performance. The main and sub vanes work in tandem to improve airflow and static pressure while minimizing drag. This allows the fan to provide better cooling at low noise levels.

XPG HURRICANE fans are already on sale. More information – on the official site

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