XPG releases second episode of Xtreme Saga anime series

Xtreme Saga is part of a much larger transmedia project centered around an XPG brand mascot named Mera.

Although the animated series is one of the most noteworthy parts of the project, Xtreme Universe includes several other aspects of entertainment. There are several different types of Xtreme Saga merchandise, an NFT Xtreme Saga, plans for a text-based serialized version of the story, and XPG even hopes to release a full-length animated film in the future. The brand is looking forward to many years of development of the project.

The first episode of Xtreme Saga was released on December 30, 2021. It told of how the planet Mira had suffered under the tyranny of the invading Cult of Ios. When the Cult kidnaps Mera’s younger sister, Adara, the heroine sets out to find her.

In a new episode of Xtreme Saga, Mira tries to learn more about the Cult of Ios and find a way to defeat them for good. During her journey, she and her robotic companion Orb find themselves in the harsh, snowy climate of Elurra. They encounter a group of warriors attacking two young men. The measure must decide how best to act and on whose side to be in this conflict.

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