Yandex Museum invites retro lovers to “Demodulation”

The event will be held for the fourth time, and this year it will become a platform with a unique collection of retro equipment, a lecture program and a lot of interactive entertainment.

Dozens of retro communities and museums from different cities will bring their collections to Demodulation. An exposition of working retro computers, game consoles and slot machines will be prepared for guests, which can be studied and tested. Technology experts will also speak on the history of computing devices and their applications today.

It will not do without gaming tournaments. Participants will have the opportunity to play retro games in such legendary games as Doom, Super Mario, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Sonic The Hedgehog, Prince of Persia and others. The festival will also feature a 2021 version of Pong, where you can compete against AI. And the author himself, who will come to Demodulation, will tell you more about its creation.

The event will take place on September 17 and 18, the program of both days starts at 11:00. The meeting point is the headquarters of Yandex on Leo Tolstoy. Free admission by registering on the site

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