You can return to BioShock with a new mod for Fallout 4


Surviving a nuclear apocalypse in the Fallout universe has traditionally been done with the help of vaults – huge underground structures that protect anyone who is lucky (or unlucky, depending on the vault) to be locked inside. But there are other ways to survive a nuclear holocaust besides being buried underground. You can also dive deep under the ocean.

This is the idea behind 20 Leagues Under the Sea – Vault 120, a new mod from MinitelRouge. The mod was added to Nexus Mods on March 1st and brings a very BioShock-like vault to Fallout 4.

Deep below the Atlantic Ocean lies Vault 120, an sprawling complex built centuries ago to escape the madness of the people on the surface. There, besides some irradiated inhabitants and creatures, you will find plenty of space to create a community protected from the dangers of the world.

MinitelRouge acknowledges that BioShock had a huge impact on Vault 120, but it’s still definitely a Fallout world. There are ghouls roaming around, Nuka Cola signs everywhere, and power armor racks to load the heavy artillery. But there are also glass connecting pipes, docked submarines, and fish swimming behind huge windows, just like in BioShock.

No spoilers, but from the trailer, Vault 120 seems pretty deserted except for a few ghouls. There is a suspicion that a nuclear accident deep under water could lead to mass deaths.

Vault 120 contains two crafting workshops and two settlements. To get into the underwater vault, “go to the northeast of Nordhagen Beach. You can download the mod from here.

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