YouTube talked about plans to develop game streaming

YouTube has unveiled new statistics on its gaming content, as well as a plan for the development of this market on its platform in the near future. This year has seen tremendous growth, with over 800 billion game-related views, over 90 million hours of live streaming, and over 250 million downloads in the first half of 2021 alone.

The plan to expand the streaming platform will include investing in more content creators like Dr Lupo and TimTheTatMan, continuing to support esports through events like the Minecraft Championships Pride 2021, and continuing to promote short videos, according to Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s head of games. with the help of the $ 100 million Shorts Foundation.

YouTube also plans to work on new tools to help viewers discover live streams, add additional monetization options, expand the chat options available, and continue to develop Live Redirect for games that will send viewers to other streams.

“YouTube Gaming recognizes that content creators will be more important than ever for game developers in the next 5 years,” Wyatt explained on his blog. “It’s no longer about offering games to creators when they need marketing support at launch. They will be there as real partners influencing creative direction, functionality and formats. “

YouTube is in an excellent position to grow its gaming community, as its biggest competitor in the field, Twitch, faces several challenges of its own. The platform added more tools to help users fight hate raids after its community pushed for more support from the Twitch community while the previously mentioned Dr Lupo and TimTheTatMan left the platform to join YouTube.

YouTube’s other competitor in this space will be Facebook, and the company this week announced plans to spend $ 10 billion to develop its metaverse. With thousands of people working on the concept, Facebook’s parent group has even renamed itself Meta and will begin working to establish itself as more than just a social media company.

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