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A few years ago, when Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would need a constant internet connection, a scandal began. The company’s creative director, Adam Orth, immediately announced on his Twitter that he openly, approves and even supports this idea, and who does not want to agree, he “will have to come to terms with it”. Naturally, after these words, Orta was literally covered with a wave of human indignation, and as a result of these events, he left the company.

Orth moved to Seattle, California. He returned to his family, he lost weight and he started a new studio called “Three One Zero”, after which he started his new project called “ADR1FT”.

Horta’s new project belongs to the emerging genre of “FPX”, which translates as “first person experience”. The game is entirely devoted to space, where you “communicate” with it one-on-one. No trade, war, lasers or lightsabers. Moreover, you won’t have to master the planets either. First of all, ADR1FT is peace and quiet. Yes, the silence is such that you can even hear the sound of your breathing.

The developers claim that their new project is a reflection of the hardships that have befallen them in life. After suffering a devastating mega-impact, they were thrown out, so they had to get out of this large hole. In general, the main character of the game has a similar problem: she regains consciousness at the space station, and all around is a complete defeat, wires spark, electronics are broken, and devices programmed to help are broken. Remaining the only living person at this station, she begins to find out the causes of this disaster, along the way looking for an opportunity to return to her home – to Earth.

But first you need to “come to your senses” after this incident. Moving between the compartments of the space station is a real challenge, especially when all of your fellow astronauts have died.

In general, the crew had a very peaceful, and even noble mission: photosynthesis experiments in zero gravity. Simply put – the astronauts wanted to learn how to grow flowers in space. However, green flying petals confirm this.

We think it’s not worth retelling all the details, but it is simply impossible not to mention Beethoven, who is performed on the piano! This composition in space is incredibly breathtaking, but what can I say if you can be convinced of this in the game’s trailer, which is simply amazing.

In any case, as in many games of a similar theme, you have to build a picture of what happened on the basis of the notes found, audio recordings, etc. In addition, you will also need to periodically solve various puzzles, which will also create a kind of picture of what happened. Of course, the puzzles shown didn’t really impress the gaming audience, but still, we hope Orth will improve his system of puzzles and riddles.

It is impossible not to appreciate the contribution of Omar Azizi to the game. As far as we know, Omar is a longtime friend of Horta. Once, a long time ago, they worked together at EA, but at some point their “path” was divided: Ort, as you know, got a job at Microsoft, but old Omar – got a job in the studio, which is known for the Call series of Dute – Treyarch.

But at the moment they are together again, and they are working together on a new project, and it is possible that the action movie on which they worked together (Medal of Honor) may somehow affect their new project. If anyone remembers, in the last part there was a small and short scene that took place in open space with a first-person view. The ADR1FT has some similar elements.

In addition, as it became known, the authors of the game decided to add support for the Oculus Rift to the game. The lucky ones who were allowed to try out virtual reality glasses in this game say only one thing – the heart stops from looking at the ground and dizzy. And, perhaps, this is not surprising, because in a virtual reality helmet “lumps roll up” to the throat even in less mesmerizing games, so there is nothing to say about pallets in space.

But still, the most mesmerizing moment was the first exit to the rift in the orbital station. It is in this place that an incredible view of the Earth opens. Perhaps the developers, thus, are trying to reach out to everyone that our world is fragile enough and we are damn lucky that we live in it, because there is simply no other place.


The developers describe their project as a mixture of action and adventure travel. Looking at ADR1FT, the famous movie “Gravity” is constantly recalled, but the developers claim that any coincidences with other games and films are accidental. In any case, there is something about this game that makes it wait. The only sad thing is that the game is calculated for three hours, and this is very little.

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