Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Preview

Back in that year, or rather in September, Ubisoft announced the game “Assassin’s Creed: China”, which was an addition to the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The game was promised as a DLC, but there was no “smell” of any additions here – all buyers of the “seasonal pass” were simply offered to download a separate game.

But the most surprising thing was that Ubisoft decided now not to limit itself to only “China” and is preparing similar games: “Assassin’s Creed: Russia” and “Assassin’s Creed: India”. And it didn’t seem to you! Assassins will now really meet in post-revolutionary, gloomy Russia and colonized India! Most importantly, all three of these games are included in one compilation called Assassin’s Creed Chronicles! And all games will total twelve hours of play!

As for the genre part, the games will be a 2.5D platform, where there are elements of action and stealth. If someone has played Mark of the Ninja at least once, then this genre will be quite familiar to you. You just need to add a couple of leaps of faith, eagle vision, assassin’s blades and close this series of innovations with three-dimensional graphics. The result is Assassin’s Creed Chronicles.

Surely there will be those craftsmen who want to accuse Ubisoft of stealing other people’s ideas, but this is stupid, because the French have been working with such genres for a long time. Let’s at least remember the Splinter Cell game for Java. Although the series of this game was too slow and acrobatics “limped” there, this does not change the essence of the game: hide behind cover, carefully and silently remove all your enemies, try not to raise the alarm and do not fight openly with enemies, as it is useless …

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles will in turn be very dynamic. British developers from Climax Studios have done incredible – they have captured the spirit of the “big” games in the Assassin’s Creed series! Of course, parkour in the game will not give you complete freedom, but it will give you a feeling of freedom without any problems! For example, if you are noticed, then you can quickly dump from this place: he threw a grappling hook and pulled himself up to the roof. And there are a lot of similar situations, and this is precisely where freedom lies.

And in order to give yourself a couple of seconds to escape, the game has a variety of gadgets: darts, shurikens, crackers, knives and much more. Shooting is done almost exactly like in the game Mark of the Ninja: with one button you hold the sight, and with the other you point at your opponent.

With the help of a variety of weapons, you can also eliminate various enemies without problems, but this is highly discouraged, since there is almost always nowhere to hide the corpse, and it is not difficult to make problems with the next patrol. If you still run into enemies, then you can try to fight them, but the battle is not the most authentic detail of the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles game mechanics. The battles in the game are so hard that you can only compare them with the full-fledged Assassin’s Creed game, and the battles in the game are also based on various counterattacks and finishing moves.

Perhaps the most important trick in the game is the block. But the most important thing is that if you do not master this “art”, then two or three blows of the enemy can become fatal for you. For each level you pass, you will receive points that can be spent on the development of your hero. Over time, the hero becomes stronger, that is, his health increases, etc., but the enemies will also keep up with you, so they will also become stronger. Based on this, the players will not be allowed to relax.

In addition, opponents in the game will be further divided into different types. How many different enemies there will be so far no one knows, but at least three types will definitely be: an uncle with his sword, an uncle with his shield and an uncle with long-range weapons (the Chinese analogue will shoot from darts, and the Indian one will shoot at you with a gun, as well as the Russians).

It is surprising that in the game you can dodge not only from ordinary blows, but even from shots – the enemy’s sight will be visible in the form of a small strip, which in turn will reach out to you, and as a result, if you manage to put a block at the moment when the strip blushes, then the main character (heroine) heroically and skillfully dodges. A couple may even get such a situation when the shooter shoots at you, you dodge and he accidentally kills his partner. And if you add to all this various details, such as suspended loads, beams and other things, then you get a very good variety in the game.

However, the most important aspect of the game is stealth. At the moment, it is very difficult to speak and judge this intriguing assembly, but after going through half of “China” we were faced with the fact that all levels are quite interesting puzzles that can only be solved through trial and error: you need to memorize the trajectory of the enemies, memorize nooks and crannies and more! And you know, this is undoubtedly good news.

But in order for everything in the game to work efficiently and well, not only the picturesque design of the game is important, but also finely honed control. After all, it happens in a couple that in games they praise the plot and design, but they are very much scolded for the gameplay.

In Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, it immediately becomes noticeable that, first of all, they put on the interface and control. The game developers spent a lot of time and effort on everything. Each enemy has its own field of view, which is depicted in the form of a cone. If the enemies are not bothered by anything (neutral state), then the cone is in white, but if at least some noise rises, then it starts to glow in yellow. If you get caught, then the cone starts glowing red. If you manage to save yourself before the cone is completely colored, then you will be saved. And if you do not have time, then the soldier raises the alarm and soon reinforcements arrive.

Such a system makes it possible to determine the decision and quickly take any action. For example, you climb in some bites and at some point you already rush at the enemy with a blade. After stabbing the first enemy, you jump on the second and cut him in two. Finally, hide in other bushes.

And you know, to do such a thing without quality work done with context-sensitive control would simply be unrealistic, since this is what allowed us to combine completely different mechanics into one single piece.

The structure of the tasks of the game only repeats what was in the “big” games. Passing the first few levels, you simply collect information about what is happening, after which you already move on to a more difficult stage, where in the final you will need to defeat the main enemy. Well, and accordingly, after you defeat the Boss, he “pushes” you some touching and penetrating speech.

Let’s move on to the plot, because it also interests you a lot: in the Chinese version of the game you will play as a girl named Shao Jun, but the most interesting thing is that she is a student of the old man Ezio Auditore. In general, the girl wants to take revenge on the one who once offended her family, and the revenge will take place during the fall of the Ming dynasty.

The Indian story tells you about a man named Arbaaz Mir, who organizes rebel operations, fighting back the Templars from Britain in already colonial India.

In general, the pathos in “China” and “India” will be enough, but we are sure that everyone is more interested in the details of “Russia”, but the problem is that the developers did not allow to play the Russian version of the game, but still, some what we know.

In the “Russian version” you will play as Nikolai Orlov, he is a friend of the assassin Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, and he once tried to kill one of the most powerful Templars – Alexander III. But alas, nothing came of Orlov, since Alexander kicked his ass and knocked him down with the Staff of Eden. A few years later, the staff appears in Tunguska, and here you already meet Rasputin together with Emperor Nicholas II. Orlov, in turn, leaves for America and there he already has a son named Innokenty, whom he raises in some forest thicket. The Russian plot is so incredible, but at the same time intriguing, because I always wanted to see how the Red Guards and Assassins were fighting among themselves!


Probably many people think that this is a very strange idea. But you remember, for example, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, which was also something incredible for the series. This time, Ubisoft has taken on a real interesting offshoot of the series, and if you consider that this genre has been empty for a very long time, then Assassin’s Creed Chronicles has every chance to take its rightful place.

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