Battlefield: Hardline Preview

Studio Visceral Games once admitted that they had nothing against Hardline coming out without the proprietary prefix of the Battlefield series in the name. But there is nothing to be surprised at, since from the series about “global war” there is only the engine and the mechanics of the game, so the game already looks differently inside. That is why, before you start playing Battlefield: Hardline, you need to immediately understand that you will not see any global franchise. Visceral Games prepares players to take part in a mixed and adrenaline-pumping spin-off about bandits and cops. But there is no doubt that it will be an iconic sequel to the tactical game, so DICE’s Battlefield: Hardline won’t be a bad game.

First impressions were based on the beta test of the game, which has been going on for a long time, but even now it is already clear how the network battle will look further in the game. There is much more content than in the last beta test, but still this is still not a complete set that should be in a full-fledged game. Over the past autumn CBT, thanks to global changes, Battlefield: Hardline is not very similar to its predecessor – Battlefield 4. There is no content for the single player mode, but as far as the network mode is concerned, there is plenty of it here (a couple of modes and a bunch of modern weapons).

The only annoying thing in our experience in the beta test is the division of weapons into factions. If terrorists have one weapon, then the cops have a completely different one in their arsenal. Having saved up money to buy a gun, it will be added to only one faction, so then you will have to keep saving up for new weapons. But there is a more serious problem: having bought one weapon from the bandits, you may not find an analogue from the cops, as well as vice versa. At the moment, it turned out that the cops had really cool guns, so the cops had more victory statistics. Of course, there is such a point in which you kill 300 hundred people and a cannon is unlocked for you in both factions, but you will still need to live to this climax. Why they made it so that players could not buy a gun that they liked is still a mystery to us.

As for the equipment, it has its advantages. Instead of the usual experience, you get cash, which both increases your level and gives you the opportunity to buy yourself a variety of devices, guns and even upgrades. Thus, everyone is saving up greens for something cool and useful. There is no testing ground in the game yet, so it is still impossible to understand what you need more or less.

The weapons themselves have no balance, which is not surprising for a beta test. The starting shotgun, which every beginner gets, can smash anything just to smithereens, and the famous M16 distinguished itself with its incredible accuracy and damage. Well, if you took a rifle with armor-piercing cartridges, then no wall can break the enemies. Of course, the price for such a weapon is appropriate – $ 100,000. A standard rifle is also not entirely bad, for example, it kills an infantryman with one shot, and a turntable from three, not to mention if an experienced soldier walks with such a weapon …

As for technology, things are much more interesting here. Here it is really not what it is in Battlefield 4. Yes, the physics on sports cars and bikes is lame, but how fun it is to climb out of the window at high speed and shoot at the pursuing cars of cops! For example, an armored van, due to its thick armor and machine guns moving out from the side, is some kind of bunker, but what can I say if you can find an RPG in the trunk of a sedan!

In the sky, everything is still not simple, because assault turntables are in no way inferior to ground vehicles: a machine gun installed in an assault helicopter can smash any equipment below, and if an experienced fighter sits behind it, then it will completely lay down all enemy infantry. There is simply nothing to bring down such a helicopter with a couple, since it is possible to pick up the same stinger only in a certain place, and even then not always, and snipers with armor-piercing cartridges are not encountered so often to bring down a turntable. As a result, the technique will either simply mow down all the players during the entire fight, or they will stumble upon a person with a stinger in their hands and, after 15 seconds, will be on the ground (which is unlikely).

By the way, it is worth mentioning separately about the fuel truck. If you mine it, then drive it to the enemy’s point and blow it up, then the explosion will cover a huge number of enemy soldiers. It is unrealistic to hide from the explosion of a gasoline tanker, so from time to time the map is simply a nuclear test site. But you know, playing the role of a suicidal trucker is no worse than shooting at the cops from a car. It’s in action like this that the essence of Battlefield: Hardline is revealed!

The only thing that probably needed to take Hardline from Battlefield 4 was destructibility. It is not in the game, you cannot even destroy an ordinary cardboard shed, make a hole in the wall or doors. In general, the vaunted destructibility in Frostbite 3 is completely absent here, subsequently the gameplay is partially lost. A similar disappointment is also caused by the graphics, which surprisingly look a little worse than Battlefield 3. Maps are loaded from this faster, but the hardware requires no less. In the end, it would be better not to really use Battlefield in the title, since the game did not get either graphics or destructibility from it.

For the small details that Battlefield 4 lacked so much, there are quite enough here. If you play with your friends, then you will be more often thrown into your friend’s team, and when a revival occurs, the time when the technique will be revived is clearly indicated – in general, the interface has become noticeably improved. In addition, the game has a large number of interesting devices like “cats” and traps that can be attached to a wheelbarrow. And that’s not all, because here you will even find a fire ax and a mace!

A lot of interesting things happened to modes too. The classic “Capture” mode was supplemented with a bank robbery (which is very interesting, but quickly annoying) and “Pursuit”, which became the highlight of this game. There are no heavy vehicles in this mode, since the goal of the mode is that you need to steal the specified car, among which there may be both a fuel tanker and some kind of mass car. But that’s not all, after the hijacking, you still need to hold out for a certain amount of time, which is why the most fun moments in the game begin here. Players rush headlong after each other and fiercely from cars, while the cops set traps.

At the same time, a helicopter is already circling over the roof of the car, and a sniper is sitting on some tower and someone is trying to detonate explosives on the road. All this immediately creates the feeling that the usual battles of the series are absent here, and that drive and excitement have come to replace him.

The developers of the game took the familiar mechanics as a basis and made a dynamic and entertaining game out of it, in which the standard Battlefield mechanics took root perfectly.

Finally, it should be said that the game is not only dynamic and gambling – it is also funny. There are plenty of funny moments in the game. For example, at some point, a man running towards you is knocked down by a huge jeep, inside of which you can hear some funny and perky song, and somewhere inside the motel, bandits and cops are kneading on sledgehammers! At this time, on the other side, in a good place, cops sat down, towards which a gasoline tanker was moving at great speed with an unrealistically cheerful squeak. In this cheerful atmosphere, the developers themselves play along with the players: in some bandit, seeing that he was found, the sniper will show him the middle finger in the sight, and when the explosives are activated, he will shout something indecent. All in all, the game comes out surprisingly fun. The great thing is that it will be out soon.

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