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Who else remembers, then the year before last, a little-known German studio called Daedalic Entertainment (which by the way became famous for its wonderful tasks) very unexpectedly released a new RPG game called Blackguards. The game was created based on the very popular board game The Dark Eye, but the game turned out to be somewhat “uneven”. It turned out that interesting and very difficult battles were combined with a fairly simple storyline, and the presentation of the plot was about the same. But in general, Blackguards received good reviews, and of course the Germans decided to continue “creating”.

So, the plot unfolds immediately a few years after the events of the first. The brave heroes of the first part defeated the Nine Hordes together with the villain Marwan. For the passed time the game has fully justified its name (the name of the game is translated as “Scoundrels”). The dwarf, named Norim, began to perform some dark shenanigans, grew himself a good belly and, in the end, hung his favorite ax on the wall. A well-known wizard named Zurbaran got involved with the slave trade. And the bright Takate (who also went through the whole furnace of ardent gladiatorial battles) is now engaged in fights to the death.

But unexpectedly, a girl named Cassia appears in the game. Further, it turns out that Marwan survived and was even able to capture a couple of lands that are located in the southeastern part of Mengbilla (the territory of the same South Aventuria). In general, the villain Marwan is gradually getting closer and closer to the capital, so that in the end, after the victory, he will sit on the Throne of the Shark. And even despite the fact that the “scoundrels” from the first part took up the dark craft, their fame has not gone anywhere and everyone still remembers them as the winners of the Nine Hordes. Well, of course, the girl Cassia decides to hire them, after which the four of them go to kill Marvan again (we hope for the last time).

As everyone already understood, the plot of the game Blackguards 2, as well as in the first part, does not “smell” of any originality. But the authors have now decided to add some kind of narrator, who will supposedly lead the story of the heroes from their lips and shed light on some events, but still, you should not expect any cool plot twists, intrigues and betrayals. The main goal of the game becomes clear even at the initial stages – to free the lands of a girl named Cassia.

In addition, the developers decided to bet on other details of the game. For example, the game Blackguards 2 will now have strategically important points. Now players are forced to seize cities, which will probably be occupied by the army of Marvan, after which they will have to defend new possessions, since the main villain will certainly try with all his might to return their lands back. At this point, there is clearly a reference to the game Jagged Alliance 2, but how exactly the German studio will do the details of the defense of cities is still unknown. All that is known is that the battles will become much harder.

The creators of the game promise the players to expand the variation of the passage of Blackguards 2. If in the first part the free exploration began only somewhere in the third chapter, now you decide from the very beginning of the game where and how you go, which cities to capture and with whom it is best to cooperate …

And we will tell you more. The game fully justifies its name Blackguards 2, since now each player will have the opportunity, for example, to torture a captured enemy, and if you have any business with mercenaries, they will let you into their refuge to the prisoners from time to time. Thus, the information knocked out may help to attack from the rear of your enemy or find some gold. Naturally, how to torture a prisoner is up to you: you can conduct a regular interrogation, or you can torture him in such a way that the Inquisition of Spain itself would envy you! But at this point, the creators of the game say that in doing so, you will have to take into account some elements, which exactly you will already learn in the game.

Daedalic Entertainment is also working on the quality of the tasks in the game. According to the main producer of the Blackguards series Kai Fiebig – now you will not find tasks in the plan “my daughter is dying, bring her medicine soon” – mostly even due to the fact that there is simply no place for mercy in the game. On the contrary, the tasks will be very difficult, merciless and cruel. The tasks will also be multivariate.

The mechanics of the game will not experience any global changes. The principles of the game Blackguards 2 will also be based on a combat and role-playing system from an interesting board game called The Dark Eye. Heroes of various classes will take part in turn-based battles over rough terrain, and for successful battles they will gain experience and subsequently “swing”. In addition, it will be possible to buy better equipment between battles.

So, there is more great news. Now the characteristics of heroes have been reduced to seven. As the creators say, this will make it easier to understand what talents and skills the heroes need to develop in order to ultimately get a more capable character. In battles, the possible direction of blocks and blows of enemies will now be shown – thus, it will become much easier for players to adapt and navigate to different types of situations. In the end, the heroes now receive a new type of energy – now it is resilience. Persistence will allow you to plan your future tactics much better.

Of course, everyone can take whatever they like about the changes in the game Blackguards 2, but it is worth noting that the creators are primarily focused on their gaming audience. In addition, the creators carefully and sensitively listen to the feedback from their fans, the press, and therefore draw appropriate conclusions for themselves. It’s just that everyone should remember that everything that will be in the game will be based solely on the wishes of the community, which is folded around the project, says Kai Fiebig. We can only wait and hope that the game will only bring positive assessments and emotions.

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