CRACKDOWN 3 preview

The name of the game CRACKDOWN 3 in translation into Russian means Suppressed. At the beginning of development, the name of the game was supposed to be different, but not finding a more suitable name for such a sharp storyline, the company decided to leave it the same. The open world, inherently action-packed, provides a largely open-ended game mode in which players go about their own business and wreak havoc in a huge city. Maximum chaos is achieved by the fact that everything in the game is destructible. The game will have a variety of features – playable in single player companies and online modes. CRACKDOWN 3 is the first game to showcase Internet cloud access for Xbox One. Previously, this technology was used “only” in the Forza series with the Drivatar control system.

In Crackdown 3 online, any object, pretty much the entire world of the game, can be destroyed or blown to pieces. You can spend a few minutes damaging a concrete wall, punching through it with single shots to make a large hole. And in the end, all the particles that fly off the destroyed wall, falling off have a real structure, and on the opposite side of the wall, also because of the damage that appears, fragments will crumble, which makes the plot very real.

The secret of such special effects lies in the fact that the world in Crackdown 3 is online and has access to cloud servers. In this regard, for a high-quality game session, the company managed to get fourteen additional servers that will be busy with the processes of destructive special effects. As the developers say, there is really no limit on the number of cloud servers, “After all, this is Microsoft.” The potential for computing power is actually about twenty times higher. Therefore, the online game Crackdown 3 will be very different from the offline game, in some parts it is almost a different game.

This huge online platform will be available not only for single battles, but will also be able to play with entire groups of players. The main mode on which the developers are betting is the multiplayer mode. Here you can fight each other in Deathmatch, fight together as a team and, indeed, you can enjoy the fact that the entire world of the game is quickly becoming a deadly and dangerous enemy. If you ambush yourself as a sniper on the roof of a building, you can expect to be the target of direct and indirect attacks very quickly. And fall among the debris of an exploded building or bridge, demolished from an opponent’s rocket launcher. It is possible to shoot from grenade launchers, sniper rifles and pistols in the game – the arsenal is equipped with all the weapons that a future gamer expects.

The look of the game is based on its predecessors, but, of course, the game world, and the heroes in it, look much better today. This applies to both online and offline game modes. The campaign also explains this, as in Crackdown 3, a new 3D platformer is installed.

Heroes: Each character in the game has five statistics (running, shooting, weapon advantages, appearance, different movements). Each character has a personal vehicle and special abilities. The illumination above the vehicle in the game means that the vehicle has its own settings that can be changed. It looks great, but the fact that these features will be available in the multiplayer game, as well as in the company, remains a mystery.

Another new feature of the game is the information bar on the right side of the screen. The information on it notifies the player that his opponent is ready for a personal meeting at a designated place in the game world, of course, to sort things out.

The developers of the company, it was stated that: “Crackdown 3 will provide fans with exactly what they want and expect.”

We hope that this will be true and together with you we will await new details of the game.

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